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About Me


Hi! I'm Jessica. I am a Product Designer with a background in Business Management. I am passionate about identifying the needs of my clients and melding that vision with a user-oriented design. I place a premium on both creative and technical feedback as an essential part of the iterative product design process. I am comfortable with agile work environments, quick turnaround times, and tracking and communicating project milestones. I consider myself to have a keen visual aesthetic, and passion for creating design flows and experiences that are simple, fun, and intuitive. What I love most is bringing projects to life with a whimsical and imaginative touch that creates a unique look with lighthearted energy.


I am a Bay Area native who until recently was living on the east side of the Bay Bridge and commuting to San Francisco on the BART train daily. In 2019, I uprooted to the Sierras where I currently reside in Yosemite Valley. And, while my commute looks a little different these days, my passion for art and dedication to my projects remains the same. 

In my free time, I enjoy exploring different art mediums. My current art exploits include a collection of acrylic animal portraits and resin jewelry pendants. When I'm not creating, you can find me out on the trails, trying out new recipes, exploring the world of mixology, playing games, reading, or spending time with my dog. 

I am set up and available for remote positions with the flexibility to travel. Please feel free to reach out with any design opportunity inquiries, questions, or to just say "hi". I would love to hear from you!

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