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I love being able to bring people's visions to life. And, over the last year I have been lucky enough to work on some pretty cool commissions. What I enjoy the most, other than getting to participate in my passion of graphic arts, is working with my clients to flush out a clear vision of what they're hoping to create. Going from concept to finished product can be quite the process, but certainly one that is rewarding for both sides. I thought it would be fun to not only show the finished products, but also provide a glimpse into the process. Enjoy!

yosemite wine club

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The Yosemite Wine Club was looking to create a logo they could etch on some wine glasses. And luckily for me they knew very specifically the design that would best represent their group. They specified the logo needed to include:

  • a view of Half Dome

  • the fire pit

  • the picnic table

  • the decanter

  • the wine rack

  • and, John Muir

I studied their photos and let the creative juices flow. Below is the finished design that is now enjoyed at their montly meetings as they sip wine from their customized glasses.

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Pet portrait sticker

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Sometimes projects inspire me to create for personal use as well. I loved the black bear with the Yosemite skyline on its back so much that I decided to recreate it in a sci-fi style for myself and my husband. We now get to represent the beautiful place we live in some fun, custom-printed t-shirts.

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A couple reached out to me because they wanted to get vinyl stickers made of their two cats. They very specifically wanted:

  • to recreate their favorite photo

  • move the cats closer together

  • draw the portrait using a modern abstract style

I nailed down their preferred color palette and got to sketching. The finished design is now a fun gift they hand out to friends and family to decorate their laptops and water bottles alike.

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Yosemite yacht club

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I was commissioned by a friend to create a gag logo for the 'Yosemite Yacht Club'. It was going to be a fun design printed on vinyl stickers to celebrate all the fun times we've had as a group floating down the Merced River. The design constraints were:

  • to recreate a yacht club emblem they found

  • to replace the anchors with paddles

  • and, incorporate one of their favorite float photos

I got to sketching and had quite a fun time personalizing this logo concept. The finished product has since been printed and passed out amongst friends. You can even catch glimpses on water bottles around the park.

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Aramark Staff T-shirt

One of the Aramark managers reached out to me to help them design this year's staff t-shirt. They didn't know at first which direction they wanted to go in. So, I combed the internet for inspiring images, and after some back-and-forth, I was able to unravel what they were imagining. They wanted:

  • a black bear

  • the Yosemite skyline

  • a 70's concert flyer style

  • a lighthearted outdoorsy, climber vibe

  • bright and colorful, with a constraint of 4 colors

What I created is retro-styled, with an adventurous feel, and party-vibe design. These shirts have since been printed and passed out to the staff as a fun memory of their time as part of the Aramark team.

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These digital commissions were super fun to work on. I love making people smile when they see their imaginations brought to life. Do you have an idea that I can help make a reality? I would love to chat about it. Please reach out through the contact form at the bottom of this page. I appreciate you taking the time to review my work, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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