LifeCubby is the original innovator of the childcare apps you see today. The app was created to make the management of a childcare facility more efficient and the communication between parents and staff more streamlined. Nowadays it is almost expected of childcare facilities to offer some sort of management software like it, and we have LifeCubby to thank for this extremely useful technology. I was brought in by LifeCubby as a design consultant to conduct research to generate ideas for future product iteration, to perform an app audit to offer constructive feedback and recommended amendments, and to redesign the current website.

Since LifeCubby's original creation of the childcare app, this technology has been adopted and adapted by a number of other companies. My first order of business was to look into the current childcare facility government requirements, how other companies have modified and improved on the childcare management technology, and what future needs will have to be met by daycare facilitators. I compiled my findings, along with my iterations to their software into a presentation for the LifeCubby and Excelligence C-Suite executives.

Then, I worked with LifeCubby's design and engineering team to conduct an audit of their current app draft to offer constructive feedback in areas I noticed a potential for user frictions and my recommendations for potential solutions. 

App review ipad.gif
App review comp.gif

Here are two examples of my proposed modifications to the current draft. They include page bookmarking, task efficiency, and increased element visibility to lessen user friction.

I then started on the redesign for the website. I expanded the site from a single scrolling page to a multi-page website. This enabled LifeCubby to target specific users by separating the information into designated pages for each user base. My branding motivation was to give the updated website a fun, youthful appeal while implementing current design practices. I created a custom set of icons, elements, and page banners for LifeCubby that brightened the feel of the website while keeping a similar look to the current app software. Once my design was complete, I created an interactive and animated prototype to obtain final feedback and approval from the LifeCubby and Excelligence executives.

Lifecubby homepage.png
Amend LC Home.png
Amend LC Teach.png

The new website is in queue and in the process of being built by the LifeCubby development team. Below is a brief run-through of the main pages of the site redesign. You can click the image below to expand it for a closer look. This project was a fantastic opportunity to let my creative juices flow. I appreciated the opportunity to work with the LifeCubby team and I had an absolutely wonderful time thinking up and creating graphics for this build. 

LC final pages.gif


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